Warning! Fake Bilosnizshka™ masks have appeared

Recently, we began to receive information from some of our customers about the receipt of offers from unidentified persons to purchase four-layer gauze masks with the logo of Bilosnizshka™ and instructions on the manufacturer - UKRMEDTEXTILE LLC.

We assure you that UKRMEDTEXTILE has nothing to do with the production and sale of products listed in the photo above. These products are fake, manufactured by unidentified persons without the consent of UKRMEDTEXTILE and the owner of Bilosnizshka™.

The real four-layer gauze masks produced by UKRMEDTEXTILE have a completely different look.

At the moment, we are studying the situation and considering the possibility of appealing to law enforcement agencies with a statement about the crime under Art. 229 of the Criminal code of Ukraine concerning production and distribution of counterfeit production.

We urge you not to buy counterfeit products, but to notify UKRMEDTEXTILE of all cases of appeals to you regarding the purchase of such products by the following telephone numbers: (044) 303-98-47, or by e-mail: