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The support bandage for the arm is used for fractures and during the period of wearing plaster cast, during recovery period, for the immobilization of the upper limb, after injuries and operations at the shoulder joint, shoulder, forearm, wrist joint, hand.

The product design is made to make its use as convenient and comfortable as possible, so it includes:
an additional belt for fixation at the waist;
a supportive sling for the thumb made of soft material;
a soft wide pad for the shoulder


support the arm with injuries: dislocations, subluxations, fractures of the shoulder, forearm, hand

partial damage of the shoulder joint ligaments, the acromioclavicular joint, the elbow joint

arthritis, arthrosis of the shoulder joint, scapulohumeral periarthritis

paresis, paralysis of the upper limbs

recovery after injuries and surgeries on the upper limb

conditions after operations in the forearm region

Dressing instruction:

Put a bandage on the forearm and fix the belt at the desired height

Fix the additional fixation belt across the back

Fix the thumb in the supportive sling




Size should be chosen according to waist and hips measures








17 - 21сm

21- 27сm

28 - 23сm

34 - 40сm

41 - 47сm


Made in Ukraine

Additional belt for fixation

Soft pad for theshoulder

Manufactured using cotton

Supportive sling for the thumb

Convenient for use

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