Fixing ribbon roller bandage

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Fixing bandage does not slip, provides excellent comfort and can be fixated well even with extended wear on the movable joints.
Elastic bandage allows a patient to quickly and easily apply a bandage. It has high permeability, can be sterilized, is resistant to ointments, sweat, oils and fatty substances.

The edges of the bandage do not crumble and do not let the threads get into the wound. As a result of the surface adhesion of subsequent layers of bandage to each other, it ensures excellent fixation of the bandage.



Shelf life

1 шт.


10сm х 3m

Morion code

QTY in carton


147 pcs.

15сm х 4m


72 pcs.

It does not require the use of additional fastening elements such as fasteners.

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