First aid dressings

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The package of a first aid bandage of TM Bilosnizhka sterile with one pillow is intended for rendering of medical aid at wounds and burns.

Ready sterile bandage, which is used to apply to the wound to stop bleeding and protect the wound from infection. Available with one cotton gauze pad size 13cm x 11cm, sewn to a gauze bandage 5m x 10cm. And with two cotton gauze pads measuring 13 cm x 11 cm. One pad is immovable, sewn to a gauze bandage 5m x 10cm, and the other can move along the bandage.



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QTY in pack


1 pcs.


13 х 11cm

Pillow QTY

Код Моріону

QTY in carton

1 pcs.


200 pcs.

13 х 11сm

1 pcs.


180 pcs.

32 х 17,5сm

2 pcs.


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