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Adult diapers Bіlosnіzhka are recommended for use in the event of inability to control urination. Effective both in the middle and in severe incontinence.
The diaper - hygienic device is capable to absorb moisture and to convert it into a gel, which prevents leakage outside. In the production of diapers used pulp and dry granular powder - superabsorbent (SAP). The superabsorbent (SAP) – water retention stuff is in contact with liquid turns into a gel, thus the patient's skin remains dry and healthy. Odor neutralizer keeps unpleasant smell inside the diaper. Wet indicator allows to determine the degree of filling of the diaper.
Nonwoven fabric, fluff cellulose, gelling agent (SAP), laminated nonwoven fabric
Normative document
Shelf life
ТУ У 17.2-38935759-006:2014
3 years
M (70-100 сm)
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QTY in carton
MOQ for Private Label
18 pcs.
5 packs
10 000 pcs.
L (100-150 сm)
18 pcs.
5 packs
10 000 pcs.
XL (120-164 сm)
18 pcs.
4 packs
10 000 pcs.
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